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AMRITA HOBBS studied as a mature-age student and qualified as a teacher in 1978. At this point she left England and migrated to Australia. Here she found a new life. Full of open space and the freedom to discover her true nature and mission in life. Youth!

For much of her adult life she has been dedicated and passionate about her work with young people. In recent years her focus shifted to her Rites of Passage work with women and girls.

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She is committed now to offer her workshops to men as well as women. In a bid to create equal and harmonious relationships she offers Understanding Gender and workshops about Teenage Relationships in schools to this end.

Amrita believes it is time to create mutually supportive relationships, so that we can enjoy the best of each other.


Harmony Holidays, founded in 1986 were seven day residential camps for younger teens. These focussed on healing past hurts and building self confidence.

In 1991 the emphasis of her work changed and she ran ten day Rites of Passage camps for older adolescents. These were about the transition from child to adult and what is invovled in a Rites of Passage and the Initiation process.

These camps assisted teenagers to become conscious of their Journey into adulthood, learn to become responsible for their actions, words and deeds. They assisted the emerging of the aware human being and strengthened character.

Amrita is happy to facilitate camps for organisations or groups on request. She usually works with a team of adults and includes a training component for them.To organise a camp in your city/country contact us .

 Since 1995 her work changed focus onto programs for mothers and daughters and also for women, Reclaiming our Rites.

Sexuality - what to tell them how and when? for parents offering them help for the sexuality conversations with children and teenagers.

She also offers programs in schools.

Amrita self-published IT COULD BE DIFFERENT - a self-help book for teenagers, in 1991 and SisterWeb Stories - for mothers to read to their daughters in 1998. She was asked to write another book for young people, GETTING REAL... about growing up! took three years to produce and cost $50,000. It has been produced on sugar cane paper and uses soy based inks.

2005/07 sees Amrita traveling the world making this book and her programs available to people of all ages.

Her long term vision is to establish THE GETTING REAL TRUST and an associated Youth Centre... and to write more GETTING REAL books.

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