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Feelings, Qualities and Values Cards

These cards are AMAZING! I used them in my girls year 9 class and a mixed year 7 class and you could have heard a pin drop, they were SO engrossed. They are so thirsty for this nourishment. I am SO enthused to use them in EVERY health class, some of the girls asked if we could PLEASE play the cards instead of PE. I am SO excited, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!  Terri, PE Coordinator Lutheran College, WA

Three days later this email came: I have just walked in from class, using the cards AGAIN, I now take in a full box of tissues. This is the most EMPOWERING Christmas present I have ever received.

* allow in depth conversations with people you love    
* increase emotional intelligence and expand
offer you clarity, solutions and guidance

Each set consists of 335 feelings, qualities and values cards, a quick guide and 28 processes - all explained in the booklet. The cards are easy to use and create a safe environment for people to share, have fun and get to know each other more intimately.


ConnXionS for everyone



find words for feelings. 

Young People 

deal with confusing changes and challenges. 


bridge the gap with children.  

express themselves confidently and communicate effectively.

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ConnXionS - an amazing tool for Teachers,
Group Leaders, Counsellors or anyone
working with people

   Fast track group bonding

   Equip people to deal with personal challenges
   Support clients to be authentic
   Assist people to gain insight and build confidence
Experience astounding results in therapeutic            situations
   Allow people to recognise their gifts and talents.
Using ConnXionS in a professional or corporate arena will allow team-building, problem solving, conflict resolution and a myriad of other advantages  - people can bond more intimately, connect more personally and get to know each other in relatively short periods of time.
Professional ConnXionS has special instructions for the group leader.

If you work with large groups of people it would be useful to purchase an extra set of cards.
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ConnXionS Cards are easy to use and there are many ways you can use them.
Just decide what you would like to achieve. For example - closer relationships, clarity on an issue, how to give appreciation to someone, what is going on in your life right now, who are you in this moment. Focus on this and choose cards of both colours that jump out at you from the deck. Lay the cards out in front of you to have an objective perspective.  Be willing to be honest and open with yourself and also when playing with others. There are 28 processes in each booklet and you can make games up as you get used to playing.

ConnXionS deeply enrich your life!
Using them regularly increases self-love and enhances your sense of well-being.

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