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Fathering could be one of the most important jobs you’ll ever have!

This four-hour workshop aims to offer a new perspective on the ever-changing father/daughter relationship. It also:
- supports men to recognise the importance of their role, input and influence,
- brings awareness to the changing role of fathers’  in his daughters’ life,
- opens up discussion amongst men about how they are succeeding as fathers,
- explores the doubts, fears, confusion of fatherhood,
- discusses what happens when a girl goes through physical changes at puberty,
- offers strategies to maintain closeness and intimacy as girls grow up,
- strengthens a mans sense of place in his family.

Understanding the feminine can be a constant challenge for men. So when it comes to raising daughters, men sometimes flounder. The way a father relates to his daughters can have a long-term effect on the way she relates to the males in her life. The upside of fathering a daughter is the loving, fun, sharing and these things are an important part of this relationship.

I valued hearing you confirm the importance of fatherhood, your first hand experiences and that of other fathers. I have to hand it to you - you lay it on the line, don't hold back and give a lot of yourself in your work. Ian, Kelowna, Canada

I have attended many men’s groups and have never attended one facilitated by a woman. Amrita’s experience and expertise made this a valuable, enjoyable and different session. Highly recommended. Paul, Mullumbimby, Australia

Thankyou - this is an area with little and no coaching available to fathers. Definitely needed and useful.
Geoff, Sydney, Australia

I have never seen this type of course offered before. Thank you, this is an area with little or no coaching available to fathers. Hearing the stories of other men is helpful. It was good to learn about women. Not an exact science.
Rodney, Australia

Fathering daughters is definitely of interest to all fathers. It opened new windows of thought. Learning about daughters from a woman was great and also learning from a crowd of other men.
                                                Robert, Byron Bay, Australia

If you know a group of men who would like to attend this talk or who would like to participate in a workshop with their daughters contact us.

To read excerpts from GETTING REAL... about growing up! on fathering go here.

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