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about growing up!

Getting Real speaks directly to the
teenager and the young adult.

It communicates hauntingly to the teenager in every adult.

It is a resource for parents and anyone working with youth.

GETTING REAL is a resource for life...


GETTING REAL... takes you on a Journey of self-discovery. It helps you identify who you are, your beliefs, thought patterns and personal issues. By working with this book you can gain clarity about your life and the Journey you are on.

GETTING REAL... is environmentally friendly. It is printed on paper made from sugar cane fibre and uses soy bean inks. A large format magazine style book,  232 pages and colour throughout. RRP AUD$40.

GETTING REAL... about growing up!... is full of practical suggestions and things to do.

TeenSpeak, is an integral part of the book. It's inspiring to hear the opinion of young people. Anecdotes and stories make GETTING REAL... about growing up! enriching and spiritually uplifting.

Getting Real... for young people helps them weather the storms of growing up:
Raging hormones - bodily changes and unpredictability.
Confusion - body image, self-esteem, loneliness and depression.
Asserting independence how to deal with conflict, making and keeping agreements.
Social pressure from friends and the media to be sexually active too soon, take drugs, drink, act dangerously.
Family issues - tension, inherited belief systems, divorce, loss of parent(s).
Intimate relationships - sensuality, sexual feelings, contraception, love.

Getting Real... for parents
Offers a lifeline, as children move into and through the turbulent teens giving insights, understanding and practical suggestions.

Getting Real... for youth workers and teachers 
has activities, processes and things to do that can be easily translated into classroom and group situations.

Getting Real... for adults
invites you to re-engage in your adolescent experience. Acknowledge that what you went through to become who you are now, served you! Forgive yourself for any mis-takes you may have made while growing up.

By using this book you can reclaim parts of yourself that were not recognised by those around you.

Shining Sun and Running Water is the story in Getting Real that speaks of another way to be together in community. Go here to read it!

Example pages for you to see:

Self Esteem
Girls and Dads
Relationship to Father

TESTIMONIALS - To read comments from teenagers and parents click here and here for reviews.

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