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Journey to Manhood
 It’s Better to Build A Boy Than Mend A Man

Journey to Manhood is for fathers, men and boys 10 years and older.

Amrita has worked with men and boys in residential camps over many years. Her insight for this workshop comes from this experience, from working in schools and also through facilitating fathering daughters and mens groups.

Her experience gives her the ability to support men in their role of mentoring boys as well as offer her unique perspective to boys themselves. One participant said he had attended many men's groups and this was a first with a woman - he valued it greatly.

Mentoring is an age-old, earth-oriented practice that aims at revealing the inner nature and natural genius of youth, while awakening the inner elder of the “olders.” Mentoring involves natural inclinations to teach and learn, and essential instincts to guide and protect. When used in creative ways, mentoring becomes a “living bridge” between generations that invites youth into issues of cultural change and environmental healing. – Michael Meade

A Journey to Manhood explores the role of men in mentoring boys and offers the boys a Journey they will not forget.
Boys are offered challenges and are rewarded when they succeed.
They learn that they can rely on men other than their father. Men are in the role of service and discover their role as carers and leaders for boys.

As important as it is that boys spend time with their fathers and other men, it is also vital that men recognise the importance of their place in the lives of boys. Men are called to become mentors. Boys are floundering, have negative beliefs about being a man and many have low self-esteem, in spite of outward appearances.

During adolescence teenage boys naturally challenge themselves. They wish to find out what their limits are. For some they stretch themselves into their new sense of themselves in safe ways. For some they take life-threatening risks and the worst is that some of them die… in car accidents,  through drug or alcohol abuse, by breaking the law, or doing dare devil acts that harm them.
Peer pressure plays a huge part in unhealthy behaviour for many boys as males are naturally competitive.

In traditional cultures, initiation rituals conducted by a community of older males or by a spiritual teacher served to transmit old yang wisdom-power to younger males. Older men in tribal cultures would often take boys from their mothers as they entered puberty. The boys would live with them, dance with them, hear their stories - and go through difficult trials before the older males deemed them worthy of entering the world of men.
Journey of the Heart - John Wellwood

Younger boys, between 10 and 15 benefit by having a group of men to relate to.
They can be given challenges that are safe and yet help the boy determine his strength.
Creating a relationship at this age with men supports the boy as he moves into puberty, and later into his manhood. You probably remember how confusing adolescence can be.

Men can become valued mentors, talking about their experiences and helping younger males identify their changes and support them to meet them. This kind of relationship creates a feeling of belonging, being cared for and connected.

Men spending time with boys can save lives.

I thought the Journey to Manhood was a wonderful and unique experience that many boys don’t get to experience. I and my two sons Joshua and Taylor participated. We began the day with a series of challenges. These were progressive in nature, challenging each boy in a different way. All the boys were able to achieve some level of success, thus enabling them to move forward. The boys found the challenges exciting and stimulating in ways they hadn't expected. With each new challenge they were enthusiastic to begin.
Trust was developed so that by the end of the day when each boy was given probably the biggest challenge of his life, he now trusted his male mentors to support him. The boys gained confidence and self- knowledge, as well as the chance of self-reflection
It was a day where my sons began the journey toward manhood - one that all boys should and must take. This workshop was a great way for them to begin. Bill Frey-Mclean, Okanagan Falls, Canada

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