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Weaving magic into the process of growing up.

Amrita has been working with mothers and daughters for over fifteen
To listen to FIRST BLOOD go here.

This is the beginning of a new direction for Amrita.

When working with teenagers in residential camps Amrita recognised that is was
important to inform girls about the mystery of being female, of the wisdom of a
woman's body and her cycle. The culture still holds menstruation as a taboo, women as
unequal and undermines the subtlety of our power, intuition, emotionality and relationship. When Amrita raised the subject of Menstruartion there was often a mixed reaction. Many girls did not look positively on their bleeding time. As a result of this, and because Amrita recognises how it serves females to have a positive relationship to her body and her cycle she began her journey into teaching the Feminine Mysteries to girls.

Eurydice Aroney, having heard about Amrita's work asked her about featuring her work.
 FIRST BLOOD is a 35 minute Radio Documentary.
Focusing on this significant event in a girls life. Girls chat about their experiences. It is inspiring and perhaps challenging for some people. This documentary is not representative of current  programs Amrita offers now with mums and daughters - it was a radical beginning - so listen and enjoy!

To listen to FIRST BLOOD go here.

Produced for ABC Radio National's Radio Eye program by Eurydice Aroney and John Jacobs.

AMRITA offers workshops for girls from five years and upwards.

MOON DAUGHTERS is as sweet as it gets

In all the workshops girls make special mementos to remind them of the day.

GIRLS GROWING UP! is for girls 10 years and older

As her body changes, the girl is being prepared emotionally,
mentally and spiritually for the onset of puberty, menstruation
and for growing up!

GROWING UP GREAT is for teenagers

Mothers enjoy precious time with their daughters and relax and
nurtured by being with other women.
Filled with information
and activities each workshop includes songs, story telling.

For comments made by girls and mothers


Welcome Your Daughter to the Circle of Women, Private Ceremonies and Rituals 
can be designed to suit your requirements.

If you would like to organise one of these workshops, or a residential weekend
in your community or organisation  email us.

is a story with a vision for a different world

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