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Amrita is excited about her work in schools, as are the teachers and students' that participate in them.

Adolescence is one of the biggest evolutionary growth processes in our lives.

Everything in the child is bring rearranged and transformed changing the child into a young adult.

This can be confusing for some students. Relationships with family, peers and teachers all undergo major changes.

For some young people sitting still in a classroom is challenging enough with out all the other stresses involved in growing up - changing body, emotional turmoil, the pressure to perform, to know what we are doing and where we are going.

Sometimes the pressures of growing up bear down on the young person. Preparation for every phase of the changes at this time is valuable. If we can allow time for issues they are facing to be discussed the process of growing up can be made much easier. For some children the changes begin around 10 years old and continue at varying degress of intensity into their twenties.

Amrita offers workshops for children around ten years old and upwards.  The workshops are designed to support students to deal with what is going on for them on many levels.

She offers talks and seminars that can include the whole of your school community. The creates a wholistic approach - making it possible for students, parents and teachers to explore topics not often openly talked about with young people.

All Amrita's programs are experiential - through story, sharing, questionnaires, drawing and sometimes drama and movement.


ConnXionS = Caring Classrooms
Amrita assists teachers deal with bullying and teasing. This can sometimes be challenging. Amrita's experience helps students be very open and honest with each other. This can liberate both the bully and the victim. For more detail about these workshops go here. 

Boys and Girls Growing Up!
Discusses the physical and emotional changes that students can either expect or are experiencing.
This workshop compliments your school curriculum and is for Grades 5 through 8.

Understanding Gender
We explore what it is to be male and female - what the obvious and not so obvious differences are.
We build bridges in relationship with each other and the other gender. This workshop has been appropriate for Grade 5 students (depending on their stage of development) through to Grade 12.

Teenage Relationships
Raises issues around friendship, intimacy and love. Talks about communication, safety and being clear about what you would like to experience in each new situation.
The content of each program is determined by the readiness of the students.

Classrooms in Crisis
This can be students who are not relating in wholesome and healthy ways or if there is a difficulty with or for the class teacher.

Amrita has also worked with teachers, parents and students when called upon to do so.
Go here for an example.

Amrita is available to assist in the Personal Development and Health aspects of the school curriculum.If you have a topic that you would like covered Amrita can specially designed programs for your situation.

In-service courses for teachers and Youth Workers

I thought Amrita was perfect, warm, and open, accepting of student, their ideas and their language. The activities seemed to bring into the open what the groups needed at that time. It was pleasant to see the children so open, free, happy and relaxed.
Catherine, Teacher

You can read comments from Steiner Schools.

Should you wish to organise these programs in your school email us.


All programs and Amrita's writing are designed to make a
difference - to inspire and uplift!

This part of the site is being updated. Please visit again to see what evolves.

Together we can create a caring world.


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