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 Amrita worked for many years with young people. She offered ten day Rites of Passage residential camps. There were effective in bringing about change to the lives of the many young people who attended them.

In recent years her work has focused on women and girls for practical reasons.

Gathering groups of young people became challenging and Amrita had books to write and other work to do. Still passionate about young people Amrita would be delighted to offer this kid of work now and requires organisations, schools or other groups to call her in. She is willing to work with groups of adults who would love to learn from her many years experience in this field.

Times of Transition

A true Rites of Passage marks a time of transition.

Adolescence is probably the biggest one we are called upon to make.

When we do not mark important times of transition - a girls first menstruation, a boys first wet dream, leaving school, first sexual experiences, leaving home - life simply goes on - ho hum.. like. Until one we day realise I'm not a kid anymore or I'm just about to die and we think What happened to my life?

In day-to-day life we go from one thing to another, often without conscious awareness of what is going on underneath the superficial layers of our activity. We can pass from one important phase in our development to the next without acknowledging what we are moving through either.

A native American Indian elder said:
You know a civilisation that lacks rites of passage, because it has a sick soul and you know it is sick for three reasons;
1 there are no elders
2 the young are violent and
3 the adults are bewildered....

Here you can find out what a Rites of Passage and Initiation is and why they could be useful within our culture.

You can read excerpts from interviews with young people who have attended ten day Rites of Passage camps and how these experiences have made a difference in their lives.

Johanna interviews Amrita to find out more about her thoughts about Rites of Passage and then she was interviewed about her time as an exchange student.

Johanna, a wise young woman is interviewed by Amrita.

A Story About A Girl speaks of Amrita's dream of Rites of Passage being a part of community living.


After running Harmony Holiday camps for a number of years Amrita realised that there was something missing. She felt that young people were crying out to be challenged, to be prepared for adulthood in a different way so she developed ten day programs that became Rites of Passage camps.

These offered a time-out from everyday life, for young people to take stock, become conscious of where they were at this stage, gather new insight, make conscious their spiritual connection and be prepared to move into another phase of life.

Amrita offers evening talks for parents interested in introducing Rites of Passage themes in to the lives of the family. She also offer a Rites of Passage Journey - a four hour workshop for men and women.

If you would like to host a residential Rites of Passage experience in your area, through your school or organisation CONTACT US.

SHINING SON and RUNNING WATER is a story about community involvement in Rites of Passage. It appears in GETTING REAL... about growing up!

To order GETTING REAL... about growing up!

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