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Modern Medicine Woman 

is a one year apprenticeship training

An alchemical and magical journey of self-discovery and reclaiming
lost Rites of Passage

Modern Medicine Woman is offered in a multi-faceted format over one year.

You can enter the Journey on your own personal quest OR you can work at/or towards a professional level. This Modern Medicine Woman apprenticeship has the potential for you to create and facilitate workshops, programs, seminars or whatever you are called to do.

All retreat are held close to the beach and not far from ByronBay.

SHE GROWS, is a pre-requisite before entry into the one year program.

There are two SHE GROWS residentials available to you 19th - 22nd July and 16th - 19th August

This journey is for five woman only so if you are called book now.

SHE FLOWS, is a happening in late September

You can attend this workshop as a second step in your own reclaiming of lost Rites of Passage. SHE FLOWS focuses on puberty.... what wasmissing for you. What can you re-weave into your story. You can attend this retreat as the beginning of your MODERN MEDICINE WOMAN apprenticeship or as a follow up from SHE GROWS. You cannot attend other retreats in this series without participating in the one year apprenticeship.

SHE KNOWS, is the second residential retreat as part of the apprenticeship and will happen in 2013

To see YouTube of first She Grows click here

To see all all videos about Amrita go here.

Every once in a while you are called to step out from your busy every day life and enter into the Great Mystery - are you being called now?

For information about this apprenticeship email or call
+61 0419 336 291

Each woman participates to the extent she wishes. SHE is responsible for her own Journey. There is no 'have to' - the Journey is for you.

Three modules for apprentices over the year. There are three residential Retreats which happen in the magnificent Byron Shire. Mentorship and guidance from Amrita and ongoing group conferences ensure that what you gain in the residentials is integrated in your daily life.

As part of Modern Medicine Woman each woman has the opportunity to:

  • read relevant books and other materials 
  • undergo a research project about something you are passionate about and find ways to creatively share that with others
  • give something of your personal self back to your community in some creative form
  • facilitate something that is authentically and uniquely your own, to either the group of apprentices or to people within your community
  • fulfill personal and group assignments
  • to design and present a final assessment piece.

      At each level there is an option of:

  • attending a four day residential program, 
  • participating in a one-day shared event
  • scheduled monthly one to one and a half hour apprentice group sessions via the internet 
  • a one hour private session either in person or via Skype with Amrita.
  • fulfilling your personal challenges.
  • sharing your journey with others in a dedicated community of women for the well-being and
    bliss of all.

Throughout Modern Medicine Woman you will be participating in processes to quicken your journey,
as well as in ceremony and ritual. You will discover the place Rites of Passage and
Initiation naturally have in life. 

Your work will be within the framework of the Feminine Mysteries

Come and Remember your true place on the wheel of life, Acknowledge the wisdom you already are, Connect to the Source of your Power, and Focus on your own transformation

Modern Medicine Woman presents challenges to each one of us - to fulfill our potential, take committed action, find form for our love, dreaming and dedication. To traverse places within ourselves we have yet to dream. Modern Medicine Woman marks a time of transformation and change.

Amrita’s work is powerfully alchemical!

This Journey is for the woman who:

* desires personal empowerment.
* seeks new purpose and spiritual direction.
* chooses to be effective in her life and work.
* is ready for transformation and change in her ways of BEing - with family, loved ones or in her work environment
* would appreciate regeneration and visioning time out for herself.
* enjoy being in sacred women's community.
* is or would like to be involved in planetary evolution.
* wishes to facilitate groups: work with young girls, women, teenagers,     men or to create workplace changes.

There will be special reduced prices offered to younger women

This apprenticeship is offered to women in Australia and also from other countries.

Overseas participants will have an option for a longer retreat. This will be arranged to suit your requirements and determined by interest.

For further information about the program, details of venue and application
forms email  

  For more info and TESTIMONIALS from the first SHE GROWS
go here.

This part of the site will be constantly changed. Come and visit again!

For dates and places of workshops and new workshops CLICK HERE.

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