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Amrita is singing a wake up song to the women of the world.
It is time!

The powers are gathering. The planet is calling you!
The feminine spirit is being called into action.

It is an honour

Amrita’s work with women has evolved over thirty amazing years of sharing sacred space with women from all around the world.

From her work with Moon Daughters - girls six years upwards through to working with women around menopause and beyond, Amrita has gained a vast amount of wisdom. She has her own unique and special way of bringing her gifts into the workshops.

It is a GREAT HONOUR to be touched by and touch so many lives.

FIRST BLOOD is a 35 minute Radio Documentary. Focusing on this significant event in a girls life it is inspiring and perhaps challenging for some

To listen to FIRST BLOOD go here.

Produced for ABC Radio National's Radio Eye program by Eurydice Aroney and John Jacobs.

See the list of workshops below. To read what women have said go here.

"I am so excited to share with you. Amrita's work is an opportunity to experience the alchemical transformation. Amrita was the very first wise woman teacher I had. This incredible wise woman held my first Rites of Passage ceremony when I was 14, the same wise woman who has showered me with insight and blessings and radical change every time I have been blessed to do one of her workshops.

You are going to love her, and her unique way of magically unpeeling you, to present your tender truth and fill your life with awe and power!! She offers a rare magical window of opportunity to restore the mystery into your life and receive the gifts she offers as she travels the world singing a song to awaken the soul...
Sacha, is now 36 years of age and lives in London.

There are few elders
As we grow up we are fortunate if we have older women who can guide us, hold our hand when we cry, speak about their experiences of being female - women who pass on their wisdom. Because we have few elders in our society, many of us learn by trial and error. There are other wiser ways where women come together and share - stories, pains, joys, heartache and about how they express their love.

There are many opportunities to celebrate being female.
Being connected as we are to the ebbs and flows of the moon, we can celebrate the dark, new and full phases.

              We could ....
    celebrate our successes AND our failures,
    make time to honour our first bleeding,
    celebrate our blossoming as we become a sexual being
    be conscious when we have our first sexual experience,
    bless and ritualise our marriage, and do the same for separation
    and divorce,

    ritualise our birthing times – be it babies, books or other creative projects,
    become conscious at menopause – another great change, as huge as
    puberty for some women, and it is often overlooked.

... and there is the coming into the Crone.

Often the phases of womanhood are not looked upon
as sacred transitions in our culture. Sometimes, at
worst they are treated as medical problems.

Instead of becoming wise woman we become old ones.

Amrita has offered WISE WOMANS WAYS - a one month residential workshop in the past. She has also been asked to offer extensive training for women - if either of these  interest you email us.

WOMENS' WORKSHOPS  - Click on the name to read more about each one

For mother and daughter workshops go here. It is possible to give our daughters what we weren't given.

For testimonials from women go here!
Amrita is available to run workshops in your community.
To make her work possible she relies on the invisible thread that joins women together.
If you are drawn to her work and would like to organise a group of friends make contact.

In the Great Mystery – anything is possible.

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