AMRITA HOBBS is a vibrant and passionate woman.
She is an author, international trainer and innovative facilitator

A trained teacher, Amrita has facilitated innovative Rites of Passage processes, residential camps, school programs and workshops for teenagers and adults since 1975.

Amrita's work influences the lives of thousands of people all around the globe. She is an author, innovator and inspirational speaker.

Amrita lives near Byron Bay, NSW, Australia and is offering
programs and workshops in the Shire and around Australia.

Check out schedule for details of upcoming events.

Amrita works with women, mothers and daughters and teenage girls, passing on her knowledge and wisdom of the Feminine Mysteries.  She creates Rituals that celebrate the girls growing up and much more...

Amrita is a Consultant with The Rite Journey - this is a one year Rite of Passage program that is offered through many schools in Australia and New Zealand. She co-writes and develops programs for female students and is one of the main teacher trainers.

MODERN MEDICINE WOMAN is a one year long apprenticeship training for women who wish to discover and live their passion. It is for the woman who wishes to embark on her own Rite of Passage Journey. Amrita offers the wisdom of her vast experience, mentorship, guidance and support, so that women find form for their gifts, and expression for their work in the world. Some women come to be better mothers, some to re-write HerStory, other to engage in a new career path. Amrita also trains women wishing to facilitate workshops she has designed. There are three residential segments, SHE FLOWS, SHE KNOWS and SHE GIVES during this one year Journey which happen near the beach in the Byron Shire. There is now the option for women overseas to participate in Modern Medicine Woman   Go here for more info

 is a four day residential retreat. It offers a personal Rite of Passage, and is an alchemical journey. It gives her an opportunity re-write HerStory, to change her beliefs, to reclaim her voice and go for what she desires. It has been life changing for many of the women who have attended.
THE NEXT RETREAT: NEW MOON 19th to 22nd July

Contact  us for flyers and booking details.

To see Youtube about the first SHE GROWS go here

SHE FLOWS is the entry point into MODERN MEDICINE WOMAN and is for women ready to take a second step around reclaiming puberty rites, her body and her power. This is late September early October.

YOUthSpeak is a monthly event in the Byron Bay area. This is a forum for young people between 14 and 25 to have a voice about the things that concern them and to openly talk about Sexuality and Relationships. Next event 3rd June and then again on 1st July. Facebook go here.
This YouTube YOUthSpeak teaser filmed at Woodford takes you away from this page.

ConnXionS Cards - more than a game and could be better than scrabble
Amrita is excited about ConnXionS Cards, her latest creation. These feeling, values and qualities cards offer a transformational tool in our relationship to
ourself and to others.

To watch other YouTube ConnXionS Videos go here

Email for details about any of her workshops and check out her Schedule for dates and details.

Find out how Amrita's innovative work with mothers and daughters began listen to
 FIRST BLOOD, an ABC Radio Documentary. 

Rites of Passage and Initiation processes with teenagers and adults are an integral part of Amrita's work. Marking transitional phases of our lives are an important thread running through her work.... She is also passionate about creating consciously connected community.

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